Welcome to ColoradoAMX Motorsports.  We hope you enjoy our cars and enjoy learning about the performance automobiles produced by the late
American Motors Corporation.  Our shop is in Colorado just south of Denver.  We have built and restored some of the most photographed and
published, award winning AMXs and Javelins in the collector hobby.  Our cars have been featured multiple times in Muscle Car Review, Hemmings
Muscle Machines, and Muscle Car Enthusiast magazines, a
long with being featured in several books.   Drop us an email at
Coloradoamx@yahoo.com to let us know what you think!
ColoradoAMX Motorsports
American Motors Performance at it's Best!
We partner on our paint and body with Painted Dreams LLC in Elizabeth, CO.  Click on the Link below!

Wayne is a contributing author for The
MuscleCarPlace.com  He writes fun articles with a slant
on the AMC Muscle Car.  Click on the link below!