1971 Penske-Donohue Sunoco Javelin
The SCCA Trans Am series that ran from 1966 to 1972 always held a special place for me, as it does for many.  Whether you were a Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, or American Motors fan,
the Trans Am series was the pinnacle of road racing.  Since we have always been fans of AMC performance, the Penske-Donohue Javelins hold a very desirable place in my "someday"
list of things to do if I could find the time.  Of course I built the Silver Bullet which is Trans Am inspired, but it's a pro-touring car, not a clone of the real Trans Am Javelin.  I have seen
quite a few people through the years paint Javelins AMC's livery: blue, white, and red and put the number 6 on the doors, but none really captured the essence of the real car.  This one
will make your heart beat a little faster just standing next to it!
This is the REAL Penske-Donohue Sunoco Javelin that won the 1971 Trans Am
Championship for American Motors in 1971.  Driven by Mark Donohue.
This is the replica Penske-Donohue Sunoco Javelin
              Wheel wells radiused for larger tires like the real car.  
A couple pictures of the car being built.
The Bullet and the Trans Am Javelin nose-to-nose...
At Hanksville Hot Rods getting the new exhaust system fabricated
New Race Tires