The Crush Under Contruction
Pictures of the Crush in various stages of being built.  Aaron and Wayne originally painted the car about 8 years ago.  The car was originally a factory Big Bad
Orange, 4-speed, 360, non go-pak car (drum brakes) with tan corduroy interior.  We bought the car sight-unseen; no motor and the transmission was in the
trunk.  We media blasted to the metal before paint and body work.  We originally painted the car with the fenders, doors, trunklid, and spoilers removed.  We
then assembled the car after all parts were painted separately.  All of the original sound deadener and undercoat was removed with a heat gun and paint scraper.  
We then painted the underneath and inner wheel wells with the body color. The car has 1 1/8 front sway bar and 3/4" rear bar, with Carerra coil-over front
suspension and Carerra rear shocks. The Crush has 4-wheel disc brakes.  Eventually had the paint re-done professionally (see below).

click on picture
This year we decided to put paint on the Crush that was worthy of the car.  I had painted the car myself some years ago when we began to build it, never
thinking that the car would turn out like it did.  So, we had the paint re-done by Painted Dreams in Elizabeth, CO.  Below are pictures of the car during the
body work and paint.  Also below are a couple shots of the finished product.  It's laser straight and now takes the Crush to another level.