More pictures of the progress of the 1970 Frost White AMX
The driveshaft after restoration.
This is the original exhaust system.  It will be refinished and put back on the car.  No
rust damage, and date coded 9-69.
Restoring the dash components, refinishing the red color and repairing cracks
Repairing body damage and massaging the body to get laser straight
The body is in primer, close to ready for top color
The car is back home and ready to be assembled.  Fresh
Frost White, the color the car was born with.
Rebuilt heater box
assembling the steering parts and the engine crossmember
assembling the front suspension with new bushings, ball joints, brake lines, bearings, and rebuild brake calipers
In goes the engine..from the bottom.  Its much easier, plus you can put all the accessories and exhaust manifolds on the engine before
installing it.  Attaching the engine crossmember to the engine and then bolt it to the unibody.
All in and bolted up.  Also installed at this time is the power brake booster, and next the wiring harness is pulled
through the firewall.  Notice the black oxide/phosphate bolts on the coil bracket, perhaps a 1970 yr only thing.
Another small detail is attaching the tag on the front coil springs
that identify the car as having Go-Pak springs.  
These are the Torque-Links, the factory traction bars that all AMXs
came with from the factory that helped eliminate rear spring
wind-up.  These will eventually be painted black.
This is a interesting find...the differential had the date of 11/69 written on it
along with something else undiscernable.  And the axle tube has a yellow paint
daub on the right side.  There was also a big splash of white paint all along the
bottom of the differential.  Its important to be very careful when cleaning the
original parts so as to not destroy the markings...that way they can be
replicated when the parts are restored and assembled.
Below you can see the rear-end restored to the state it came from the factory; bare
axle tubes, red oxide diff, black brake backing plates, and the date of 11/69 on the
diff.  And the yellow paint daub is replaced.
Next the carpet gets installed, along with the restored dash, and door panels.  The car was optioned with AM 8
Track player, so it has dual stereo speakers in the rear panel.  The speaker covers were completely faded to
almost black, but they were originally red as seen.  Amazing that the original speakers were still in great shape.
The original leather seats are re-installed, along with the restored original door panels.
New windshield and rear glass is installed, and
then re-attaching the original door tag with the
correct rosette rivets, and the repo date of
manufacturer sticker is applied
The restored wiper motor in the correct yellow zinc and clear zinc finish
Freshly re-chromed bumpers from Ogden Chrome.