1970 AMX
It's a Frost White, with red "C" stripe 390, 4-speed, red leather, am 8-track, Command-Air, w/ 46K original miles.  The car is truly a survivor, with the
original exhaust system and original smog equipment still intact.  The AMX was purchased new in Pueblo, CO in 1970, and spent it's whole life garaged
in Colorado, which means completely rust free.  Look for new pictures as progress continues.
Click on the links to
see a few pictures:
Nice picture of the AMX the day I brought it home.
Starting the tear-down process.
Under the battery box it didn't look too good, but no rust through
Notice the paint daubs on the power steering pump and the transmission and
Check out the floor under the carpet!  Rust free and the original underlayment still fresh
after 46 years.
This is the transmission crossmember with the rust removed on half of the part.  In
1970 most of the suspension parts were bare metal from the factory, not painted, so it
is important to get all the rust removed without destroying the original metal finish.
This is the power steering box before
cleaning and restoration.  Notice the original
yellow sticker still attached to the part.  
This is the same power steering box after cleaning with
Evaporust.  The yellow sticker is still attached.  
Evaporust doesn't harm paint or original finish
One of the motor mounts before restoration.
More of the suspension parts after rust removal and coated with Sharkhide
To get a really good paint job, removing the old paint and any previous bondo is important. Look what
was under the paint...with 3" thick bondo! Of course, that will be cut out and replaced with new metal.
Here is the engine all fresh and detailed with AMC blue paint.  The original
emmisions equipment is still on the engine and functional.  16 hours alone to
restore the PS pump and emmisions pump.  New clutch,  pressure plate,
throw-out bearing.  New water pump, date coded spark plug wires, belts, correct
hose clamps.  The valve covers are in the original finish from the factory.